2018 New Teachers Writing Collaborative
The San Joaquin Valley Writing Project is pleased to open registration for our annual workshop for new teachers, the New Teachers Writing Collaborative (NTWC). Through research-based inquiry, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the three types of writing associated with the Common Core: narrative, informational, and argument/opinion. We will discuss the overlap between reading and writing instruction, focusing particularly on how to integrate writing instruction into unit design. Participants also will take part in writing groups, develop their skills for collaboration, and, well, WRITE! We believe that the best teachers of writing are those who write, who haven’t forgotten the demands of producing all types of writing.

Any new teacher, K-university in any discipline is welcome. We’ve decided to define “new teacher” as anyone with four or fewer years of experience.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting workshop. We will be limiting the group to just 25 participants, so please be sure to sign up and pay the $400 fee early. We urge school and district administrators to find funds to support their new teachers’ participation–and to encourage teachers to sign up. As affiliates of the National Writing Project, SJVWP is authorized under NCLB, Title II, Part C as providers of standards-aligned professional development for teachers and administrators.

Dates: June 18-21, June 25-28 (participants must attend all dates)

Times: 8:45am-3:30pm

Location: Fresno State campus

Participants can also purchase 3 units of Fresno State credit for an additional $225 ($75 dollars per unit).

Please send a payment of the $400 fee in a check made out to "The Foundation" to the address at the end of this explanation. Your check should be accompanied by a sheet of paper with your name, snail mail address, email, and phone number. Payments for the workshop must reach us by May 26. If your school needs an invoice to pay the fee, please email Dr. Juliet Wahleithner (jwahleithner@csufresno.edu) to let her know.

Checks made out to "The Foundation" can be mailed to:
San Joaquin Valley Writing Project
Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education
5005 N. Maple Ave MS ED 202
Fresno, CA 93740-8025

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