Next Steps for GLBI Movement in Parliament
Leah Gazan (Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre) is asking for your feedback on the next steps in the fight for a guaranteed livable basic income in Canada.
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A guaranteed livable basic income (GLBI) is a predictable cash payment provided unconditionally by the government to all individuals in Canada who need it, without requirements to work (or seek work, training, and education), in order to build on our current social safety net and afford all persons in Canada with respect, dignity, security, and human rights affirmed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Based on this definition, do you support the creation of a permanent GLBI in Canada?
Which province or territory are you from?
Which parliamentary tools do you believe will be most effective right now in the movement for a GLBI in Canada? FYI MP Leah Gazan's Motion 46, which called for the creation of a GLBI, was defeated by nays from the Liberals this spring, but a study of GLBI is expected to commence at the HUMA parliamentary committee in June 2021, as requested by Leah. (please rank: 1 being most preferred, 3 being least preferred) *
House of Commons Parliamentary Petition (After 500 signatures, this will require a response from the government)
Private Member's Bill (a PMB cannot establish a GLBI in Canada but can provide a framework to do so).
Private Member's Motion ( a private member's motion shows the "Will of Parliament" and can call for the establishment of a permanent GLBI).
How can Leah and her team better support and advance the grassroots movement for a GLBI in Canada?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
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