Who are we
Altgen is a young people’s co-operative agency. We are passionate about supporting other young people to set up worker's co-operatives as a collaborative and empowering solution to fix our broken economy. Our aim is to re-imagine the future of work by creating a more equal, democratic, and sustainable economy today.

We are a dynamic, exciting, and progressive group of young people experimenting with the co-operative model and principles and adapting this tried-and-tested form of collective organisation for the 21st Century. We do not accept our presently competitive reality; for us collaboration is at the heart of our day-to-day work. We are constantly looking for new ways to communicate, organise, and creatively produce work.

In the past we have run campaigns and educational programmes aimed at getting young people in the UK interested in starting their own co-operatives, including the Young Co-operators Prize, a collaboration between Altgen and Co-operatives UK in which we partnered with 15 universities around the country, engaging over 5,000 young people through workshops, events, and social media, and helped to kick-start and support 6 new youth co-operatives and a national network of young co-operators across the UK and Europe.

Project Background
Altgen has been commissioned to work on a global campaign across 28 countries to conceive, create and deliver an educational campaign about worker, social, and producer co-operatives to promote co-operative employment and entrepreneurship amongst young people across the globe.

This campaign is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to young people, youth organisations, and policy makers in 29 different countries to show them the benefits of workplace democracy and the contribution co-operatives can make to providing long-lasting, empowering change.

Job Description
We are looking for someone with proven experience in graphic design, visual identity design, and layout design, digital and print, and online user journey design, to help us conceive and develop the visuals of this campaign. You will work alongside the Altgen team in our office in Borough, London.

You will work alongside the Altgen team to create the campaign visual narrative. In collaboration with our Art Director and an illustrator, your role is to create the visual identity, layout design for website and print, user journey for the website, and produce the style guide book. There is considerable room for experimentation to find an aesthetics that will be impactful.

The Visual Identity & a Style Guide will be designed for the campaign aiming to:

+ RAISE AWARENESS amongst young people around the world to recognise the current issues in our economy reflected in “work.” Work isn’t working.
+ INSPIRE and EMPOWER groups of friends to set-up collective organisations: co-operative businesses as a solution to youth unemployment and competitive freelance work.
+ ENGAGE youth organisations, policy makers, and established co-operatives to support this campaign and support young people setting up co-operatives.
+ REFLECT the balance in tone required when speaking to multiple audiences. The website will be visited by young people as well as policy makers.

The aims of the website are to:

+ Guide those who are unaware of the issues of work in relation to our current economy to a young person of today why and how cooperatives can tackle into this through different level of information.
+ To provide engaging clear accessible contemporary info/news presenting latest best practices of co-operatives create by young people around the world in an interactive fashion (eg. videos).
+ Provide practical information on the basics on how to establish co-operatives
+ Lead them ultimately to the relevant co-operative member organisation in the country where they are based. It will also serve as a merge tool of the products of the campaign.

Who are you
You are a designer with a passion for bringing about powerful social change by using graphic design as an educational tool.


+ Excellent ability to design for web and print.
+ Strong attention to detail.
+ Experience and interest using grid theory.
+ Instinct for typography, colour and materials.
+ Thoughtfulness and in the constant search for visual impact.
+ Willingness to experiment
+ Proactive and well-organised, with the ability to meet tight deadlines and manage multiple priorities
+ Excellent interpersonal skills; warm, friendly personality


+ You have a grasp of the current situation facing young people in precarious employment both in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.


+ You have a demonstrable commitment to changing the economy to better suit the needs of young people, replacing
competition with co-operation, and to working towards a postcapitalist society.

Timeframe & Payment
Start Date: 11/10/2016

Deadline Date: 24/10/2016

Our budget for this commission for the work is:
£900 - £1,200

Once commissioned you will negotiate your time commitment, working patterns, and pay with our Art Director

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