Tool Library Spring Check-In
We rolled out contactless borrowing on May 2, and with a quickly changing world around us, we are changing too! We want to know how we did, and we want to make sure our priorities and planning are keeping up with our membership as we transition to limited walk-in service starting Thursday, June 11th.

Please help us out by sharing your thoughts on the questions below.
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Have you used The Tool Library’s new contactless borrowing system since May 2? *
If yes, was it easy to navigate? *
Did you have to wait for tools? *
Did you feel safe with the procedures? *
Have you shared your project on social media to get a free month of membership? *
Were all the tools in working order? *
What have you used tools for this month? *
Have you learned to use any new tools or learned any new skills? *
Tell us about what you've learned!
If you haven't borrowed tools since we reopened, why not? *
Is it easy to navigate your online account and/or get in touch with someone at The Tool Library for help? *
Does the Thursday, Friday, Saturday schedule work for you? What are you preferred days for tool pickups and drop-offs?
Would you benefit from increased operating hours or days? *
We have held off charging late fees thus far in the new system, but we plan to restart collecting late fees soon. These fees help us to fulfill our mission, and cut down on wait times for tools. Will late fees prohibit you from using The Tool Library's services? *
If you said yes to the question above, why would late fees be prohibitive to your use of The Tool Library?
Are there any tools you wish we had? Or any tools you wish we had more of?
As The Tool Library shifts from a reservation system to limited walk-ins, do you have any suggestions for this upcoming transition? (Note: we will continue to maintain a waitlist for high demand tools)
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