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Thanks so much for your interest!

You can now apply to purchase a yearly license (currently priced at NZD$5000 for local licences in NZ) to make & sell our famous Honest Food organic paleo protein bars in your area, online and in real life! You receive 100% of revenue of ALL sales for and in your area. You become your own Honest Food Co' business owner!

If you are approved as one of the initial owners you will receive 2 years licence for the price of 1! This is only available for the first 3 months (this offer expires end of July 2017)

As you may know I started The Honest Food Co' as a social enterprise; to maximise social impact for women; primarily mums. As a brick & mortar business I wasn't able to positively impact as many women as I wanted, so I have changed the business model to what I now present to you!

Thank you for applying to be a Honest Food Biz Kit owner. Apply as an individual or a collective. The choice is yours!

I will stay as the core driver of sales, as the face of the brand and HQ will stay responsible for the online ecommerce store (currently under construction to suit the new model). You will also receive business & mindset mentoring by me for free for the first 12 weeks. This has a value of $9000!

You will be obligated to come to Auckland for an initial training at your own cost.

There is more awesomeness to becoming an owner (think of it like a franchise without the crazy costs) which will be revealed to you at the next stage.

Thank you for applying! I look forward to meeting and working with you to build your business!

Love & light
Creator & Founder
The Honest Food Co'

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