Motion Graphics and VFX Workshop
Workshop Synopsis:
Are you a beginner in graphics designing?
Are your looking for a career in graphic designing, Multimedia, Film editing?
Looking for a freelancing skill or earning from home?
Confused where and how to start?
Start now. Start with us.
Start your career as a freelancer. Start your career as an entrepreneur. What not? Graphics Designing makes everything possible.
It does not matter whether you are a photographer, a designer, a blogger or a layman. If you want to put eye-catching videos in any social network, Graphic Designing skills are a must have. This three-day workshop makes you to learn Adobe After Effects, Tools, making graphics, Web Layouts and GIFFs for a Dynamic Website, Video editing, Green Screen and introduce 3D Techniques from scratch.
Come with zero knowledge and become a Graphic Designer and learn how to use efficiently and professionally the world’s most popular and powerful motion graphics editing application, Adobe After Effects in three days.
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