Interview Registration- Candles in the House of Time

Artists Adam Tenorio and Stijn van Erp, are currently working on an installation project dealing with the idea of time in homes. The project follows the often invisible lives of the home and the idea that they bear witness to the countless lives dramas, comedies, and tragedies lived in them. The root idea of the project is to collect stories that represent a collapse in time within the home.

A home acts as both the stage and witness to the endless lives lived in them which are only separated by time. In the physical space of the home, marks and palimpsests are left which act as physical scars of the past that are then transferred into the narrative of the present. In this project we would like to ask people to consider their homes or certain objects which hold this quality of time and tell us their stories. Be it stories of your childhood home, a special backpack or a mark you found when you moved in.

Are there marks in your home that where there when you moved int, have you marked the floor or broken something and left a dent after a night out? Is there an object which carries emotional weight or is a forgotten artifact from the previous tenant? These are some examples of stories we are looking to collect.

For the Interview we ask that you attend a filming session in Utrecht. These recording will be used to create a site specific installation in Utrecht as well as an online audio piece which will allow people to consider time in their own homes through a sort of guided meditation.

Additionally we would like participants to temporarily lend us the objects they speak about in these interviews for the duration of the exhibition( 2-days) or allow us to take photographs of the marks they spoke about in their homes

to learn more and see some examples of stories we are looking to collect please got to:
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