Help us to improve OpenVidu
We want to provide the best video conferencing platform to our users, for that reason we want to hear you.

We have prepared this survey to know how you are using OpenVidu and what are the improvement areas you wish to be enhanced in the following months. What features do you miss?

If you are not still using OpenVidu, what are the characteristics you value the most to choose a video conference application?

Thank you very much for letting us know what your thoughts are.
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Are you using a video conferencing platform or do you plan to use it to add video conferencing to your applications or third party ones? *
Do you develop your own applications or develop applications for others? *
What level of criticality is providing video conference features in your applications or third party ones? *
What are the fundamental characteristics that you value in a video conferencing platform? *
Which model do you prefer to manage the video conference platform? *
What kind of services do you value most for videoconference platform provider? *
How important is it to maintain control over the security and privacy of the audiovisual content exchanged? *
What other features besides simple video communication would you find valuable for your service? *
When selecting a video conferencing platform, which factor do you consider the most important? *
Which is the integration strategy that you would prefer to integrate video communication services in your application *
What are the platforms and cloud providers you use to deploy your applications and services? *
Are you right now an OpenVidu user or consider to be in the near future? *
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