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NB: Semper Floreat won't publish these haphazardly, so please don't bloat our system with nonsense. That said, if/when persons anonymous do have good information for us, we'll handle the issues with care.

If you'd prefer to talk to someone over the phone, call us on "0426 399 423". We'll protect our sources' identities, regardless of the nature of the information, but be mindful of the risks associated with metadata.

Feel free, too, to post us letters, or to drop into our office at 21C.

We're actually also unsure of the relationship Google has with law enforcement (etc.), so please be careful if that is something that concerns you.
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Thank you for coming forward.
Email us via "", if you want to share additional evidentiary/interest material, but note that this will expose the identity of whichever account you use. We'll do what we can in terms of protecting your identity (i.e. we'll delete any links ASAP), but can't guarantee our system is in this sense 100% secure. Use caution where necessary.
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