Status of Women in Syria, 1970-2000
Respondents are requested to choose their answers from the choices given for each questions. These questions are formulated to understand the condition of women in Syria during the rule of Hafiz al-Assad. The questions are purely for academic purpose in fulfillment of the researcher's doctoral thesis. The researcher would like to state that the personal information and individual responses would be kept confidential. The information collected would not be used for any political purpose. The questionnaire is meant to be filled up by Syrians living in Syria or abroad.
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1. Was the idea of Arab Nationalism as popular among women as among men?
2. Did the educational condition of women improve during Hafiz al-Assad's rule?
3. What courses women preferred during that period?
4. What used to be the deciding factor in the choice of course?
5. Was the environment at the educational institutions conducive and encouraging for women?
6. What role education played as far as political participation of women was concerned?
7. Earlier education for women in Syria meant
8. What played the most important role in deciding whether a girl should be allowed to acquire education?
9. Who played a decisive role in a girl's life as far as education was concerned?
10. Have you found the quality of education and the facilities offered in the government schools during Hafiz al-Assad's presidency satisfactory?
11. Do you think the teachers freely imparted education or were guided by the government?
12. Did education impart the necessary skills for securing a job?
13. Whether financial support in terms of scholarship was awarded on the basis of class performance or merit or any other considerations?
14. Was there any special course or extra facilities offered to girl students?
15. Religion plays much larger role in the lives of Syrian women now in comparison to during Hafiz al-Assad's period?
16. Wave of Islamisation has swept the Arab world including Syria, why?
17. In recent times, Muslim women specially the youth has taken up to veil in a more prominent way and Syria is not untouched. One of the reasons could be
18. Women students of which stream are most likely to promote veil?
19. How does Islamisation impacts political participation of Syrian women?
20. Did the policies of Hafiz al-Assad act as a catalyst in economic empowerment of Syrian women?
21. Did economic empowerment of women during Hafiz al-Assad's period remain confined to urban centres?
22. Women from lower classes were at the centre of economic policies of Hafiz al-Assad?
23. Women mainly took jobs in -
24. Women were encouraged to self dependent by taking up employment?
25. Syrian women enjoyed equal say in economic affairs of the family as men?
26. As far as property rights are concerned women are not discriminated in Syria.
27. Did state provide financial support to women entrepreneurs?
28. Gender discrimination at workplace restricts women to perform to their utmost potential.
29. What leads to gender discrimination at workplace?
30. During Hafiz al-Assad's rule presence of women in civil-society increased.
31. Baath party had played an important role in emancipation of women?
32. Women felt more empowered and politically more active during -
33. How much autonomy do Syrian women enjoy as far as their political participation is concerned?
34. Did condition of women in Syria improve during Hafiz al-Assad rule?
35. Did women play more active role in the society during Hafiz al-Assad's rule compared to their role in earlier period?
36. Women in Syria want a job because -
37. Women in Syria felt free to vote during Hafiz al-Assad's period?
38. Women who contested elections mostly belonged to -
39. Women's participation in various branches of government like Ministries, Judiciary was -
40. Presence of women in government jobs, ministries, judiciary and bureaucracy ensures better performance and timely service -
41. Presence of women in International Politics as decision makers can change the way world politics is played out today.
42. Women in International Politics are very few, but compared to that presence of women in West-Asian (Middle Eastern) politics is marginal, why?
43. Can there be peace in West Asia (Middle East) without complete participation an enhanced role of women in domestic, regional and international politics?
44. Hafiz al-Assad followed secular policies as far as state was concerned.
44. Hafiz al-Assad followed secular policies as far as state was concerned.
45. Were the facilities such as maternity benefits, health and child care offered to women teachers, researchers and administrative staff adequate?
46. Was there adequate representation of women in military, intelligence, diplomatic and security force to safeguard their interest?
47. what was the role of judiciary in protecting the rights of women? what steps do you think were taken?
48. Do you think women in jails or protective custody had adequate safeguards?
49. Maternal mortality rate declined in recent times due to -
50. Rural women had equal access to healthcare facilities during Hafiz al-Assad's rule.
51. Hafiz al-Assad ensured better healthcare for women -
52. Why the awareness about women's healthcare during Hafiz al-Assad's period improved?
53. Awareness about healthcare specially women's healthcare improved during -
54. State took measures to contain domestic violence and sexual violence against women.
55. What was the condition of domestic and sexual violence against women in Syria during Hafiz al-Assad's period?
56. Syrian women had personal freedom and could choose their life partner on their own.
57. Women in Syria have equal rights as far as marriage and divorce are concerned.
58. How literature and art during that time dealt with the issues of women?
59. What is the role played by media in promoting political participation of the women in Syria?
60. Media played an important role in improving the social condition of women in Syria.
61. Hafiz al-Assad's policies towards media were -
62. Media affected lives of common women in various ways -
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