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The Neighborhood Food Project (NFP) simultaneously builds community and feeds neighbors through the regular sharing and collection of food donations. The first of these projects was started in Oregon almost a decade ago and have proven to be successful in increasing the amount of food donated to and distributed by local food pantries. The Neighborhood Food Project is a door-to-door food collection system supporting the Amherst Survival Center Food Pantry and the individuals and families from 13 towns who use that program.

The Neighborhood Food Project is a great way to get volunteers of all ages involved in the Amherst Survival Center. What has been most exciting about the Neighborhood Food Project so far is that neighbors are coming together and building stronger community relationships through service while also building awareness to the need in our community.

The Neighborhood Food Project is organized with volunteer neighborhood coordinators who recruit their neighbors to be food donors.

Neighborhood Coordinators initially recruit donors, but their most important role is to pick up food donations every other month, on the third Saturday (of even months), from food donors in their neighborhood. They also replace these filled bags with an empty one that donors can use in the next two months. Neighborhood coordinators bring these donations to the Amherst Survival Center. There they are weighed, sorted, and organized by a team of volunteers, including many of the children of the neighborhood coordinators.

Food Donors commit to donating at least one can a week, and place their donations in a special NFP orange bag. Every other month, their bag – filled with donations – is picked up by the neighborhood coordinator.

Essentially, the Neighborhood Food Project is a donor drive, not a food drive. Neighborhood coordinators communicate pick up dates and will also give some suggestions of food and hygiene items that are in demand during certain times of the year, such as kids snacks during the summer, but any food and hygiene items are appreciated.

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