Order Form: ASA 2020 Professional Learning Resources
The Aboriginal Studies Association presents the following teaching resources for our members/non-members in 2020 to support the continued investment in the learning outcomes of students across Stage 6.

N.B. Once you have processed your order for the resources, you will receive an invoice with payment methods and instructions for accessing digital resources and information about posted resources.

Please contact aboriginalstudieassociation@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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Select the relevant teaching resources and quantities that you wish to acquire. For additional copies and bulk orders, please indicate this in the section below. N.B. Some resources are priced according to membership status. NM = Non-Member Price, M = Member Price
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When Cook Came by Renee Aquilina (Book, $39.99 M&NM)
When Cook Came Study Guide by ASA (Teacher Resource, $19.99 NM, Free M)
Discover Captain Cook by Paddy Cavanagh (Teacher Resource, $29.99 NM, $19.99 M)
Reviews by Paddy Cavanagh (Teacher Resource, $9.99 NM, Free M)
Thinking about Aboriginal Education by Paddy Cavanagh (Teacher Resource, $9.99 NM, Free M)
Reading Art as Historic Text by Paddy Cavanagh (Teacher Resource, $19.99 NM, Free M)
What Cook Represents by Paddy Cavanagh (Teacher Resource, Free M&NM)
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For bulk orders, please indicate the name and author of the professional learning resource/s, including number of copies required.
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