Founding State Chapter Member Application - Cannabis Beverage Association
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Founding State Chapter Member of the Cannabis
Beverage Association (CBA). 

The CBA is a national, non-profit trade association established to
represent and support the rapidly growing cannabis beverage industry. 

Our mission is to unite cannabis beverage industry stakeholders and advance the collective interests of the industry through advocacy and education.

Please complete and submit the application below for consideration.
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CBA State Chapter Founder

$1500 Membership Fee – This fee will be invoiced upon submission of this application and will serve as your dues if approved.

The membership level is the same as the Associate Membership, but at 50% of the cost due to the additional responsibilities of a founder.  Should you not proceed with the Founder membership for any reason, you will be invoiced $500 each quarter for the remainder of the yearly term.  The membership includes the following access to the Cannabis Beverage Association:

  • Political representation 

  • Ability to provide content for publishing on the CBA website and distribution channels 

  • Recognition: Company logo & contact information included on website and at events 

  • Link to company website on CBA website 

  • Receive member newsletter 

  • Full access to member resources 

  • Ability to take advantage of partner discounts 

  • Preferred pricing for CBA events 

  • Ability to use CBA member logo on company website

  • Access to Unlisted Group – For communication and networking amongst members

  • What are you working on?

  • What are you looking for?  What would help you with your current challenge?

  • Media or Association Partner Content Sharing – Potential for content to be shared on these partner

Responsibilities of the Founding Chapter Member

As a chapter leader, you can create chapter committees to support the tasks below.

Founding member in their legal recreational market (by state) responsible for CBA representation, strategic partnerships, and recruitment:

  • Identifying and recruiting new CBA members

    • Goal – At minimum, to fill at least 1 from each of the following categories:

      • Beverage Brand

      • Co-Packer

      • Local Legal SME

      • Distributor

      • Retailer/Delivery Partner

      • Suppliers/Growers/Extractors

  • Keeping HQ CBA up to date on local regulations

    • Prioritizing local and regional issues to focus on

    • Propose CBA next steps & action items as needed

  • Identifying and evaluating local events, media groups, and philanthropic organizations for partnership/collaboration

  • Representing the CBA as needed once these relationships are formalized

  • Deliverables:

Monthly Chapter Meetings - Update and engage local members and partners*

*CBA Board Member will support and facilitate structure

Agenda can include, but is not limited to: speakers/presentations, current events/updates, committee updates, etc.

1 Qtrly State of the Union to Membership Director (or another appointed CBA Board Member) – Overview of the market, what’s new/changing, foreseeable issues or initiatives we should get involved in, etc.  Including, but not limited to the following:

  • Strategic partnership recommendations (cannabis/food & bev/media)

  • Event recommendations

  • Lobbying focuses/issues

CBA Executive Status Updates:

  • Monthly Status Updates/Check-ins – Informal summary of activities and other key updates

  • 1 Quarterly “State of the Union” Presentation to Membership Chair (TBD) or Appointed CBA Board Member (The Membership Chair will report on states/regions during Quarterly Town Hall Meetings)

NOTE: The Board may reserve the right to vote out a Chapter Leader should measurable progress not be made or available time dedicated to the CBA/Founder role has decreased.**

** It’s understood by the CBA that not all markets are created equal and some will be limited on growth due to external, uncontrollable factors)

By signing this membership application, you are agreeing to the CBA Code of Conduct and committing to the CBA Founding Chapter Membership responsibilities and deliverables as outlined above.  

Once your application is reviewed and approved by the CBA (majority vote conducted virtually across all members), the acting Chair will sign the application completing the process.

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