LHAE DSA/GSG April Student Leadership Conference Registration Form

The LHAE Departmental Students Association (DSA) is inviting you to attend an Academic Event on Student Leadership, which will be held in-person at OISE and other locations at and near the University of Toronto from April 25-29, 2023. The itinerary can be viewed here.

The event will consist of educational sessions about student advocacy and activism. Students will also be able to meet some student representatives at the international level and observe some high-level debates and voting of student governments around the world, including the 2nd Global Student Government Legislative Assembly, with some representatives being present in-person and others tuning in virtually. This landmark event seeks to bridge national borders by encouraging students to get involved in student government activities at the grassroots level and learn about challenges, successes, and future potential of student politics on a global scale. Student attendees will have opportunities to share their perspectives and relevant research with an international audience. 

This event is being organized in collaboration with the Global Student Government (GSG), which represents students at international levels

If you have any questions or if there is anything else you need, you are welcome to contact us anytime at lhae.dsa@studentorg.utoronto.ca.
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