This questionnaire has been designed to identify the characteristics and course of development of your sports career termination and adjustment to post-sport life. In case you are still active in sport (e.g. competing in a minor or amateur league), consider the questions as referring to your elite sports career, which has already ended.
The information obtained will be used in the project We_Care which has a goal of establishing National Care and Development Centers for athlete support.

Please mark the answer that best reflects your sports career termination. You will answer the majority of questionnaire items by marking the checkbox or number that best represents your opinion on the statement in question.
Example: I started planning my post-sport life during my sports career;
where 1 means 'Completely disagree' and 5 'Completely agree'. So if you completely agree with the statement in question, you will mark 5.

Please read each statement and indicate the answer applicable to you and ensure that you respond to every statement.
It is essential that your answers are sincere and that you do not miss out any of the questionnaire items. With questions with checkbox answers, check the one that applies.
All your answers will be kept strictly confidential.
There are no right or wrong answers.
Make sure you always choose only one response unless specifically advised otherwise.

The approximate time to fill the questionnaire (71 questions) is 10 - 15 minutes.

Thank you for your cooperation! :)
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