October Summit Seltzer Market
Every vendor must be registered with the state of NC in order to collect and remit taxes. No fee is required in order to apply for a Certificate of Registration and can be filled out Electronically here: https://www.ncdor.gov/taxes-forms/business-registration/online-business-registration

This certificate should be present at all markets.

The Certificate of Registration number is your account ID (located at the top right corner of your certificate), and this number MUST be on file for These type of markets.

Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting taxes.
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Event Details
When: Saturday 10/2
Where: Summit Seltzer
2215 Thrift Rd Charlotte NC
Time: 12-5pm

Non-refundable Vendor Fee: $55 for a 10x10 space outside

These spaces are OUTSIDE 10x10 tent space. Your display must fit under your 10x10 space if you are an outside vendor, nothing shall be set up in the walkways. Vendors must have 20lb velcro sandbags for each tent leg to weigh the tent down, or an alternate approved weight system.

Electric is NOT provided and ALL outside Vendors will be required to provide their own Battery Operated Light source — NO GENERATORS!!!

Event is Rain or Shine! No refunds or credits given.

Parking: There will be adequate parking in the parking lot

IMPORTANT LINKS: Vendors are expected to share event on social media
Tag us in your posts @starvingartistmarketclt, #starvingartistmarketclt -------
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/starvingartistmarketclt/ ---------
INSTAGRAM: https://www.Instagram.com/StarvingArtistMarketCLT
Vendors are responsible for bringing the following:

NC Certificate of Registration

- Tent (if you wish to set up without a tent, that is ok too)
- Tent weights 20lbs minimum for each leg. Tent weights will be weighed at check in and any weights that do not meet the minimum requirement will need to be refilled in order to Popup the tent.

Approved weights are velcro sandbags, or the cement PVC tubes. The approved tent weights that can hold 28-30+ lbs can be ordered from Amazon from these links below:

You can get these for $26+ and these can hold up to 55lb https://amzn.to/3BOHt0y
These are $20 and can hold up to 28lbs https://amzn.to/3iR8kjZ
These are $26 and can hold over 30lbs https://amzn.to/3x7bdSU

If you would like to order your own scale to check the weight of your tent weights prior to the event you can order that here: https://amzn.to/37ZdNjX ** We will be checking the test weights upon your arrival and you will not be able to set up a tent without the proper weight requirements.

If you have questions about your weights please message info@starvingartistmarketclt.com
- Tables
- Chair
- Displays
- Battery operated lights for your tent if needed

Vendors are REQUIRED to stay for duration of market. No early Break down!! When you sign up for these markets you are signing up for the entirety. Please be respectful of this. Early Breakdown will result in a ban from the markets.
Vendor Liability Waiver - MUST SIGN

There is a MANDATORY Vendor Liability and Non-Refundable Vendor Fee Waiver that every vendor needs to sign. If you have not already signed your waiver, please do so here. THIS IS A ONE TIME SIGN - AND WILL BE GOOD FOR ALL OF 2021. Failure to have a waiver on file, will exempt you from being chosen as a participating vendor.

STEP 1: Make sure you sign the waiver if you have never done a market with us in 2021 yet.

STEP 2: If you are selected to be a vendor, you will get an invoice sent from StarvingArtistMarketCLT from Square, or a direct link to pay through PayPal.

Please note; like most markets and festivals, this market is NON_REFUNDABLE. We plan to hold the market rain or shine, but in the event of severe (dangerous) weather, or other unforeseen emergency, we will cancel. If we are forced to cancel due to weather, or you are unable to attend, we will not issue refunds or credits since vendor fees will have been spent on marketing, supplies, and all other market costs. Thank you for your understanding.
Genre of Art (jewelry, paint, crochet, wood etc.) Please select ONLY 1 - if you sell multiple genres, please list below, you might not be able to have all items for sale at the market if accepted. *
Please describe what you will be selling. If you sell multiple genres, you might not be able to sell all items based off the already selected vendors in that genres category.
First/Last Name *
Business Name *
Certificate of Registration Account ID - Do not put your EIN or Social Security Number below. It must be your Sales and Use Tax ID Number. This number typically starts with 601######. If you don't know your ID call NCDOR to obtain it. *
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I understand this is an OUTSIDE ONLY event *
Important Information

Please read:
The purpose of the Starving Artist Market (SAM) is to promote local artists and artisans while providing them with venues to set-up, sell and share their handmade pieces.

1. Applications must be filled out in their entirety and the non-refundable vendor waiver must be signed. That waiver just needs to be signed once, and will cover you for all of 2021 events you do with SAM. There might be other waivers you will need to sign on a venue by venue basis, when that happens you will be emailed with that waiver to sign.

2. All items on display must be handmade. No MLM companies will be accepted in addition to your handmade products.

3. No tents exceeding 10x10 feet will be allowed. Tents are not allowed to be set up at any of our inside venues.

4. Tent weights are mandatory for each leg. 20lbs+ each. Failure to have adequate weights, you will be asked to take down your tent during set up. Approved tent weights include, velcro sandbags filled with at least 20lbs of sand EACH, cement PVC tubes, 30lb cinder blocks tied to the legs and top of tent. Anything else ( free weights, tent disk weights, water jugs, bricks) are not approved.

5. SAM does not provide electricity, wifi, tables, chairs, tents or tent weights.

6. Our events are advertised as “rain or shine” and is treated as such. All participants are expected to participate during any weather we might encounter, and are expected to have the necessary equipment to accommodate for these weather conditions.

7. Each vendor is responsible for space clean up. Failure to do so will result in a $20 fine that you will need to pay before you can participate in a future event.

8. Vendors must remain open for the entirety of the market, and cannot tear down until the event conclusion. Early breakdown will result in a ban from all future markets, with NO REFUND - if you were previously accepted.

9. Vendors will be responsible for the behavior of their guests/children. For safety reasons, all children under the age of 13, must stay within the designated vendor booth or have parental supervision while shopping the market.

10. The Starving Artist Market Committee reserves the right to ask any vendor at any time, for any reason to leave the event.

Starving Artist Market does NOT in anyway guarantee sales or customer buying potential.
We only allow for the following tent weights, the tent disks have been banned from this market due to safety issues. Do you have the approved tent weights? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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