Sumerian Language Project Survey
Silim! You may be aware that my Sumerian Language online project, housed on tumblr, youtube, my website and elsewhere, is getting back online. I appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out this survey, as I'd love to know what's most of interest to you & what I should be prioritizing!
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How did you find out about the Sumerian Language project?
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On which of these platforms do you follow me/Sumerian Language?
What kinds of things are you interested in seeing?
Not interested
Very interested
Top priority!
Youtube language/grammar videos
Grammar/vocabulary posts
Archaeology/news posts
Short questions answered on tumblr
Longer translations into Sumerian
Longer documents (e.g., an easy-to-use Sumerian grammar document)
Cuneiform content
Meme content
Other platforms (twitch/twitter/etc)
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In your own words, what kind of content are you most looking to see? (From the above list or otherwise)
If I created a Patreon or similar, would you consider joining?
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Which of these would you like to see as rewards on such a paid platform?
Do you have any other thoughts/ideas on what you'd like to see, the project in general, or anything else to share?
If you'd like to receive further updates via email or some other platform, please list the best way to contact you below!
Thank you so much, and have a great day! - James/@sumerianlanguage
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