Club Recruitment Week 2020: Online StuCo Suggestion Box
The Student Council belongs to the students. That’s why we encourage you to input your problems that affect your student life, and suggestions on how the Student Council can help you. This will serve as the guide of the incoming officers to lead the Academic Year 2020-2021. Our goal has always been to provide services that are beneficial to you.

The Student Council will always be all ears to all of you.
Full Name *
Student Number *
Section *
What can the council provide for you? Especially for your concerns regarding online classes and the current national situation. Your concerns may be political, social, or academical. *
What do you expect from the next officers? *
If you’re a grade 12 student, what do you think did the last council lack?
If you have any other suggestions for the Student Council, please don’t hesitate to put it here.
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