Project SPELL Spring 2017 New Tutor Application
Project SPELL is a support program for UCLA employee language learners who want to improve their English language and computer literacy skills at a variety of levels, from beginning to advanced. Learners represent diverse language, literacy, formal education, and personal backgrounds, and set their own individualized learning goals.

Please have accurate information about your schedule ready since our employees may have rigid availability and it can be difficult to make changes once you are matched with a learner. Please review the commitments below before starting your application:

• Orientation: Week 2 (Wednesday from 3-5 PM or Thursday from 2-4 PM)
• Tutoring: Weeks 3-10 (1 hour twice a week according to your availability; 16 hours total)
• Meetings: Weeks 3-9 (Mondays from 5-6 PM)
• Graduation: Week 10 (Friday 2-4 PM)

Applications are due Friday of Week 1 (April 7), and decisions will be sent by Monday of Week 2 (April 10).

Questions? Email Program Director Stephanie Youngblood at or
the Student Committee of Project SPELL at

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