Survey for Gymnast/Coach/Parents
This survey is intended to collect feedback from gymnasts, gymnastics coaches, and gymnast parents regarding the GFRC webinar from June 2017:
What is your involvement with gymnastics?
If you are a gym owner or management please use our other survey: Others please email any feedback to
Does your gym have a foam (jump) pit?
Please rate your level of concern about flame retardants in gymnastics equipment prior to and after viewing the webinar.
Prior to viewing the webinar
After viewing the webinar
What strategies have you used to reduce your (or your child's) exposure to flame retardants prior to viewing the webinar and which do you plan to use in the future? (check all that apply)
Wash hands after practice
Ask gym to preferentially purchase flame retardant free equipment
Ask gym to replace foam pit with flame retardant free foam
Take precautions when cleaning the foam pit
How do you plan to wash your (or your child's) hands after practice?
What barriers have you encountered for reducing your (or your child's) exposure to flame retardants prior to viewing the webinar and do you anticipate encountering any of these barriers in the future?
Previosly encountered
Anticipate encountering
Difficulty washing/cleaning hands
Gym cannot afford to purchase new flame retardant free pit cubes
Fire marshal refused to allow gym to use flame retardant free equipment
Unable to implement precautions when cleaning the foam pit
Please share any comments on your experiences implementing interventions.
Your answer
Please note any additional interventions or barriers you have encountered.
Your answer
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