Feb 48 XVI Directors/SMAD Application
This year Feb 48 will be the weekend of January 31st-February 2nd. Directors will be required to be present all weekend, and therefore should not have any conflicts between Friday and Sunday night.

Casting is done independently of the directors. One Song will assign each director a team of 5-6 actors, a stage manager/assistant director (SMAD), as well as two writers, on Friday, January 31st at the kickoff meeting. The group will receive their scripts on Saturday morning. Technical aspects of production will be discussed after a few hours of rehearsal, when directors will meet with their respective stage managers to work out set, costumes, and props.

On Saturday evening, all teams and production staff will reconvene to check in and individual teams are free for the rest of the night, unless they make other plans among themselves. If you wish to keep rehearsing, you must provide your own rehearsal space.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a current Board of Directors member, or email us at onesongproductions@gmail.com
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