Los Alisos Middle School AVID Application
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Must be student's full legal first name
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These are qualities we expect from each AVID student:
*Maintain passing grades in all courses
*Consistently put forth your best effort
*Be a positive role model in the school
*Maintain an appropriate level of social and academic behavior in all areas of school
The next set of questions should be answered by the student only. Please answer the following questions in your(student's) own words
Describe what is most difficult or challenging for you in school. What have you done in the past when you had a difficult class?
What are your academic goals for the future and how do you see AVID helping you achieve those academic goals?
Is there anything else you would like the AVID Site Team to know about you that would help them determine whether AVID would be a good fit for you?
PARENT SECTION: For administrative purposes, we would greatly appreciate the following information. We use these numbers to document equity and diversity within the program. The AVID Center also uses this data for its world-wide statistical reports. This information is optional and has no bearing on whether or not the student is accepted into the AVID program.
Which ethnic group do you , the student, represent? *
What language is spoken most frequently in the home?
Please mark the highest level of education the student's parents/guardians have completed: *
Non-high school graduate
High school graduate
Some college or AA/AS Degree
Undergraduate degree=BA/BS Degree
Post-graduate degree=MA/MS Degree, Professional Degree and/or PhD
Highest education level of MOTHER or Guardian (check only one)
Highest education level of FATHER or Guardian (check only one)
Each applicant must ask a current teacher to submit a TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM -- either print the form and give to your current teacher or ask your current teacher to submit an online form -- please list the teacher's name below.
List the name(s) of the teacher(s) you asked/will ask to complete the TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM (either print or digitally submit form)
Would you like to print the TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM or send an electronic link? *
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