Primary Parent / Carer ASN Consultation Survey
The Highland Council is gathering information about our schools. We are especially looking for feedback about how pupils with additional support needs are supported in their learning.
Thank you for completing this survey. The information gathered will be used to inform improvement planning in education.
Which school does your child/ren go to?
Your answer
Which year group in the school is/ are your child/ren in?
My child attends the support base / unit for some or all of their learning.
Staff treat my child fairly and with respect.
The school encourages chlidren to treat others with respect.
I feel staff really know my child as an individual.
My child finds their learning activities hard enough.
My child recieves the help she/he needs to do well.
If my child needs extra help with their learning, she/he receives it.
I feel comfortable approaching the school with questions, suggestions and/or a problem.
My child has additional support needs.
In addition to class teacher(s), my child receives support in school from the following, please tick all that apply
My child has a Child Plan.
I understand my child's Child Plan and feel that it accurately reflects my child's needs.
If you child has a Child Plan, are there any changes to the form and planning proces which you would like to see?
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What changes, if any, could we make to help your child/ren learn at school?
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If you have checked disagree or strongly disagree for any question, please expand on your answer below.
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This survey is about supporting pupils in school. Please add anything you would like to say about how pupils are supported in schools which you have not already mentioned.
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