RECOMB / ISCB Conference RSG with DREAM Survey 2015
Please give us feedback on the meeting for future years
How much of the conference did you attend?
DREAM Challenges
Regulatory & Systems Genomics Biology
1. Rate the scientific content
Comment on the scientific content
Is it reflective of where you feel the field is going? Are there topics that should be better represented, things you would rather see less of, new areas or communities we should reach out to?
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Comment on the balance between biology and computation
What is your own background?
Very Strong
Rate the local organization
1. Poor
2. Average
3. Good
4. Outstanding
Conference location: Sheraton Philadelphia
Conference venue and facilities
Hotel comfort and amenities at Sheraton Philadelphia (if you stayed at the hotel)
Local organization and staff
Did you stay at the conference hotel (Sheraton Philadelphia)?
Did you find the conference was appropriately priced
The conference length is:
Comment on the local organization and venue
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Rate the use of time at the meeting
Comment on the time spent on different agenda items
Need much less time
Need less time
Just right
Need more time
Need much more time
DREAM Workshops
Keynote presentations
Oral abstract presentations
Questions and Answers
Poster sessions
Breaks/unscheduled time
RegSysGen Top Ten Papers of 2014
Please let us know your thoughts on our new Top Paper awards
1 = absolutely not
2 = no
3 = maybe
4 = yes
5 = absolutely
Did you find the list useful and should we repeat the process in future years?
Did you find the selected papers were well chosen?
Did you participate in the nomination/voting process?
Was your paper nominated? (first/last author=1/5, co-author=2/4)
Was your paper selected? (first/last author=1/5, co-author=2/4)
Additional suggestions on RegSysGen TopTen papers
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Which previous meetings have you attended?
What other meetings do you regularly attend?
How does this meeting compare?
Are you likely to attend this meeting again
Meeting size
Do you feel the size of the meeting (~250 attendees) is appropriate
How far did you travel to get here
Future meeting locations
Additional Comments and Feedback
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About you: Are you presenting at the meeting
About you: Type of registration
About you: Are you an ISCB member
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