Discover Your Sports Parenting Style
Never has sports parenting been as important as it is today.  In today’s extremely competitive sports environment, effective parenting methods can help your kid thrive.  

Take a minute to get clear on your sports parenting style and how it affects your athlete’s confidence and performance.

Pick ONE RESPONSE in each of the scenarios below that closely resembles your FIRST INSTINCTS as a sports parent.
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Scenario #1
When my kid struggles with a particular part of their game, I tend to: *
Scenario #2
Right before my kid’s game starts, I tend to: *
Scenario #3
While watching my kid’s game, I tend to: *
Scenario #4
When my kid loses, I tend to: *
Scenario #5
If my kid threatens to quit playing their sport during the season, I would: *
Scenario #6
When my kid performs poorly in a game, I tend to: *
Scenario #7
When my kid wins, I tend to: *
Scenario #8
If my kid got an ankle sprain, I would: *
Scenario #9
If my kid didn’t make the team, I would: *
Scenario #10
If I feel my kid is being treated unfairly, I would: *
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