Speaking Agreement for Crystal Stine
We are honored that you've interested in having Crystal to speak at your event! This information is provided for mutual understanding and, once details are agreed upon via email, is considered binding between both parties.
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Travel Details
Crystal likes to drive, but one hour is her limit. Beyond a one-hour driving distance, she will travel to and from the event using the Harrisburg International airport or will hire a driver. If her team makes the travel arrangements, we will submit a receipt for travel in business economy class, no less than twenty-one days before the event. This receipt should be considered an invoice for reimbursement and a separate check should be written to Crystal Stine and presented at the time of the event. Alternatively, event organizers can arrange travel details, working with her assistant to secure personal information needed to make the reservation (frequent flyer numbers, KTN, birthdate, etc.).

If she drives to the event, we request mileage (if mileage from Crystal's home in Shippensburg, PA to the event exceeds 30 miles), or fuel and car rental reimbursement. Mileage is calculated based on current mileage rates as stipulated by the IRS. We will send estimated travel costs via email, at least one week prior to the event. A separate check for mileage, or fuel and car rental should be written to Crystal Stine and presented at the time of the event.
Are you willing/able to provide travel arrangements for Crystal's travel assistant? *
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Lodging Details
For overnight events, please provide a single, non-smoking hotel room to be reserved by, and charged directly to, the event sponsor.
Transportation at Event
When she flies or travels to the event by train, and doesn't have her own transportation, Crystal uses Uber to get to and from the destination airport, and from the hotel to the event venue. Within one week of the close of the event, we will submit a receipt for these expenses, for reimbursement.
Rates begin at $600 for one 45 minute session. Crystal's travel, room, and meals are the responsibility of the event planners.
Book Table, Sales, and Signings
We work with our publisher to have books and supplies available at each event for a special price. Because Crystal wants to be able to give her full attention to the event and its attendees, if a travel assistant is not available to come with Crystal, please designate someone to be in charge of handling sales at the book table. We will need one table for the book display and a designated time in the schedule (no longer than one hour) dedicated for book signing.
You Might be Wondering About...
Microphone: Crystal prefers an over-the-ear or wireless lapel microphone.
Setup: Please provide a podium and a bottle of water, if possible.
Dietary Restrictions: Crystal enjoys food and will try anything!
Contact Information: Please send all correspondence to crystal@crystalstine.me. We will do our best to respond to you within 72 hours.
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