The Pirates of Penzance - Audition Form
G & S presents Gilbert & Sullivan's comic opera The Pirates of Penzance.

The production will be staged in the Theatre at ArtsCape. The first performance will be on Friday 3 July 2020, with the final performance on Sunday 12 July 2020. There will be 11 performances.

The production will be directed by Roché Haupt-Buckle with Alastair Cockburn as Musical Director.

Auditions will be held as follows:

Chorus - Saturday 2 November from 13:00 in Room 308 at ArtsCape.
Principals - Sunday 3 November from 12h00 in Room 308 at ArtsCape.

Callback auditions will be held the following weekend from 10h00 on the Saturday and Sunday.


Mabel Female Soprano
Pirate King Male Bass Baritone
Frederic Male Tenor
Ruth Female Mezzo-Soprano
Sergeant Male Bass
Samuel Male Baritone
Major-General Stanley Male Baritone

Daughters, Pirates, Policemen

Character descriptions:

FREDERIC Stage age 21
Tenor C3 to C5 - Bb5.

Young, manly, genuine, innocent, energetic, out-going and honest. He is funny because he is so sincerely trying to do the honourable thing, he truly is the "slave of duty". The feelings between Ruth, his nursery maid, and him are deep feelings, they care for each other. That is why he can attack her so vehemently at one moment, and at the next put his arms around her. However, his feelings for Mabel are true love at first sight. Needs to be a very good mover for some dance sequences.
Well spoken, precise, clear accent.

MABEL Stage age approximately 20 (match Frederic)
Coloratura Soprano (C4-C6 plus extra top notes to Eb6)

Needs an out-front, natural expressive voice with excellent diction.
She is genuine and utterly sincere as she captures the love of young Frederic. She is a sweet and funny character, yet strong-willed and determined. Well spoken, precise accent, excellent comic timing and must be light footed.

Bass Baritone (G2-G4)

Needs to be very athletic and a good mover for some dance sequences.
He is funny precisely because he means it – good comic timing needed. He wants to be a pirate to wear his shirt open and to swashbuckle around like Jack Sparrow. An adventurer and sentimental, romantic fellow. His idea of manhandling women is to carry them off to a preacher and ruthlessly marry them on the spot. He would never really hurt anybody, especially not orphans as he and his band are all orphans themselves.
Well spoken, precise accent.

Baritone (G2 - G4)

Mabel’s father. He must be vivid, quirky but believable. Excellent diction and articulation is vital. Well spoken, dignified and “terribly terribly” upper class.

RUTH Actually plays a 47 year old – will need to take a somewhat older appearance
Contralto (F3 to F5)

She has raised young Frederic "properly" to be a gentleman. Ruth wants to marry Frederic though he resists because he suspects she isn't as beautiful as she suggests.
Needs to be a good mover and energetic. Comic timing important. Ruth’s character undergoes a transition from nurse maid to Pirate with the change being quite obvious in demeanour and delivery.

Baritone (G2 to G4)

The Pirate King's right hand man, he is sincere and earnest. Has a little dialogue and some solo singing.

Bass (F2 to F4)

Obeys his duty and the law, but is a coward at heart. The choreography will call for a very good dancer in addition to good vocal ability. Comic role – leader of a band of scaredy cats who want to appear brave.

EDITH, (C4 to C6) KATE (A4 to A6) & ISABEL (C4 to C6)
Soprano, Mezzo

Need to be able to move very well. Mabel’s sisters, each with a unique personality. Big legitimate voices. Sassy, vivid characters. Well spoken, precise, clear. (Not specifically auditioned - cast from group)

CHORUS OF DAUGHTERS Variety needed, but convincing as daughters in age.
Contraltos (F3 to F5) and Sopranos (C4 to C6)

Mabel’s sisters, each with a unique personality. Comedic understanding and good dancing ability will be required. Well spoken, precise, clear.

CHORUS OF PIRATES Variety of ages needed - BOTH Male and Female
Baritones (G2 to G4) and Tenors (Range C3 to C5)
Contraltos (F3 to F5) and Sopranos (C4 to C6)

Simple, tender-hearted souls. Good vocal ability is essential, along with a keen comedic sense. The choreography calls for good dancers. They love and serve their Pirate King. Pirates can be played by males or females.

Constables are either Bass (F2 to F4) or Baritones (G2 to G4)

They obey their duty and the law, but are cowards at heart. Good vocal ability is essential, along with a keen comedic sense. The choreography calls for good dancers. Police will perform as Pirates in Act I.

Audition Songs: Please prepare your pieces in a clipped, clear and articulate manner (more staccato than legato)

Mabel: Act 1 No. 8 : “Poor wandering one” (please perform in a clipped manner and with a strong will)

Ruth: Act 1 No. 2 : "When Frederic was a little lad" (storytelling)/ Act 1 No. 4 : (solo on page 24 in Vocal Score)

Frederic: Act 1 No. 7 : "Oh, is the not one maiden breast..."

Major-General Stanley: Act 1 No. 13 : "I am the very model..." / Act 2 No. 14 : "Sighing softly to the river"

The Pirate King: Act 1 No. 3 : "Oh, better far to live and die" (send this up)

Sergeant of Police: Act 2 No. 3 : "When the foeman bares his steel" (slight comedic tendency)

Samuel: Act 2 No. 12 : (solo on page 149 of Vocal Score)

Female Chorus: Act 1 No 11 (V.S Page 57): "We have missed our opportunity..."
(or any other ladies chorus from the show - delivery must be clear and strong)

Male Chorus: Act 1 No 11 (V. S. Page 56): "Here's a first-rate opportunity..."
(or any other male chorus from the show - delivered with personality)

EVERY auditionee will need to speak or sing the first four lines of ‘Modern Major General’ at pace.

I am the very model of a modern Major-General,
I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical
From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical;

You will be informed via email if your application for an audition slot was successful and what time, and where, your audition will take place.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Please note that this is a community theatre production and therefore no remuneration will be paid.

2. Any cast or crew member’s involvement and/or participation in, or association with any production, event or activity staged or initiated by G & S is entirely at his/her own risk.

3. Every member shall indemnify and hold harmless G & S, its Board of Directors, Managing Committee, office bearers, agents, contractors, employee or any person involved in, associated with, or participating in such production, event or activity, for who the Society may be vicariously liable, including but not limited to performers, crew, orchestra or facility staff, harmless from and against all claims of whatever nature, losses, costs and damages, whether general, special or consequential, pertaining to the production, event or activity including but not limited to attorney’s fees, personal injury, sickness, disease, death or property damage, including loss of use of property.

4. Each cast member shall financially be responsible for personal prescribed footwear, make-up, hairpieces and any specialised body corsetry as per the costume design for the production.

5. Each cast member will be expected to assist in all aspects of this production, be it backstage, assisting with props or lending a hand at socials.

6. Each cast member will be expected to become a member in good standing of G&S.
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