Hearing Voices Group Update Form
Please use this form to tell us essential information about your Hearing Voices Group so that we can keep an up to date list of all groups in England on our website hearing-voices.org. We often get enquiries from people who are seeking local groups, and we know how frustrating it can be for them when our details are out of date. We're hoping that this system enables us to keep track of changes to groups in England. Any time your group details change please fill out this form again - thank you! You can always email groups@hearing-voices.org if you wish to send additional details.
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Please tell us about the group you are contacting us about. We will use these details to update the listing on our website, so if you want something to remain private please tell us.
Group Town / Village / Area *
This helps us match your entry with the group in our database (e.g. Leeds, North Cornwall, Leicester ....)
Name of the Group
If your group has a particular name, please add it here.
Group Contact Person Name
Is there a particular person a prospective group member should ask for when enquiring about the group? This may be a facilitator, for example.
Group Email Address
Please share an email address that people can use to contact the group
Group Phone Number
Is there a number potential members can call to find out more about the group?
Group Website
If you have a website with information about the group and/or a social media presence, please share the links here
Group Address
If you are willing to share the location of your group on our website, please write it here. If you prefer to keep it private, that's OK - just move on to the next question. If it's currently online, please say here.
When does your group run?
Please tell us the day and time of your group, as well as how often it runs. E.g. Tuesdays, 3-4.30pm or Every 2nd Friday, 2-3pm
Please tell us who is welcome to join your group
E.g. are there any limitations on who can join (e.g. a group for women, a group for 16-25 year olds, a group for people in a particular service, a group for people from a particular radicalised minority, a group for people from a particular geographical area)?
How can people join your group?
Can people just turn up? Do they need to speak with a facilitator first? Is there a referral process? Any information you give here is useful to help manage expectations.
Do any of the facilitators have lived experience of voices/visions (etc)
For some people, it's important to go to a group that have at least some facilitators with personal experience of hearing voices, seeing visions and related experiences.
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Is your group a current member of HVN? *
If your group hasn't yet signed up, you can visit our website https://www.hearing-voices.org for more info on membership. We list groups whether or not they are members, but membership is our main source of income and affords groups some benefits (e.g. free access to events for members, multiple newsletter copies).
It is helpful for us to have a few details about the person filling in the form.
Your name
Your role in the group
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Contact details (if different to those given for the group, above)
We will only use these to contact you in relation to the group (e.g. to check details) unless you agree to joining our group mailing list
Would you like to join our Group Mailing list?
We occasionally send emails to groups / group facilitators including information about events, news, training and resources that we think you may find interesting. We will not share your information with anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing us. We try and keep the number of emails relatively low.
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Thanks for getting in touch and updating your details. We'll update the website as soon as we can. Remember you can always email us at groups@hearing-voices.org.
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