Customer Questionnaire
This questionnaire does not work well with mobile view it is best in desktop. This form will help me determine how to make the best promotional video.
How did you hear about us?
What industry or company are you in? If a model what type of modeling? *
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What social media forum are you currently using?
Do you have a website or Facebook business page? *
If yes what is your Facebook business page?
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What is your target audience? For example, your business is cooking your target audience is people who love to cook or dine out. If you are a model is this for a casting call for particular gig or just for your portfolio? *
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Do you have an event or launch date coming up to promote? If yes when is the date?
You want to inspire or add a desire to your service or product in your video. How would you like your video to do either inspire, add desire, or both? For example for inspiration, if your company is pills to help with the healthy living your content would be the following: You’re a beautiful person full of life let us help extend it as long as possible.
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