Feedback, Complaints and Incident Reporting Form
This form allows you to directly feedback, complain or report an incident to us at UWSU - offering helpful, friendly and individual advice and assistance to those who need it!

If you would like any further support, please see a member of the RRW Team today, find them on all University of Westminster campuses in the SU offices or contact them via the details on our website:

Anonymous submission
If you wish the submission of this form to remain anonymous, please check the box below and do not fill out the identification questions. Please note that if you do supply your information, it will be easier for us to follow up your complaint. It is very difficult for UWSU to take action on anonymous complaints. Please be reassured that all issues supplied on this form will remain confidential and no personal details will be released without your express authority.
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Student ID Number
Please supply your full Student ID number as it appears on the bottom of your University of Westminster ID card. This will help us to verify the legitimacy of the feedback and enable us to analyse the issues that come into us. We will be better able to make changes with this data
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Email Address
Please supply your most checked email address
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Please describe the nature of your feedback, complaint or incident
Use as much detail as possible to ensure that we will deal with your information in the most efficient way possible. We would advise that you stick to facts, you describe specific incidents (with times and dates) and you identify those involved and those who can support what you are saying.
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What would you like the outcome to be?
By filling in this form what are you hoping will happen or what are you hoping that UWSU can do in order to support you with this particular issue.
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