EWB VCN Chapter Bursary Application

Thanks for your interest in attending an EWB event! We recognize that finances can sometimes get in the way, and we want to help. Here's why:
- by investing in our members we build skills for change
- we believe attendance at major events is a tipping point for involvement in our chapter
- we believe development of chapter leaders, members, and future leaders is critical to maintain chapter health
- we expect bursary recipients will contribute back to the chapter
- we believe everyone has something to offer, regardless of their financial situation

Where does the money come from?
Every penny of chapter bursaries come from fundraising efforts and donations of our Vancouver City Network chapter volunteers like you. We are not supported by grants, EWB national office, taxes, or an endowment fund. Our ability to invest in future chapter leaders and professional fellows relies on today's volunteers successful fundraising, through events, campaigns, or corporate relationship development. This is why bursaries are only available to Regular (dues-paying) members of the chapter. We have a finite pool of bursary money - remember that our events are worthwhile in themselves (many members of the public pay full price for conference and are delighted!), and another chapter member may need the support to attend. And we're always looking for fun ways to increase our fundraising capacity.

With this information, we expect chapter members to evaluate their own financial situations, and make an informed decision about accepting assistance from the chapter. The intent of this information is not to reduce the number of applicants for bursaries - that would be counter productive! We truly don't want finances to deter involvement! Rather, we only seek that all applicants have a basic understanding of our goals and an appreciation for where bursaries are funded from.

    Please read the above information. Bursaries are only available to members who have paid their chapter dues.
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