Developer Form - Covid-19 Indie Dev Fundraising Conference in VR
Hi everyone,

We are opening developer applications for the Covid-19 Indie Dev Fundraising Conference in VR to raise funds for Covid-19 Charities and indie developers. Proceeds will be divided among developers, charities, and the conference.

The Covid-19 Indie Dev Fundraising Conference in VR consists of:
-Talks for developers to tell their indie dev story to donors
-Exhibition to connect developers and donors for networking, encourage donors to join developer discord communities, and share game keys with donors as reward for their donation

Donors may donate $1 or more and choose how to divide their proceeds among developers, charity, and the conference. The default is 65% to developers, 20% to charity, and 15% to conference. The proceeds to developers will then be split evenly among developers participating in the bundle.

Developers may also donate their proceeds to a charity of their choice, and we will announce your donation and charity to our audience.


Jeremy Lam
Virtual World Arcade, CEO
Conference in VR, Director
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