Sign up for the Turner Junction Challenge!
Get active with history by participating in the Turner Junction Challenge, which kicks off on May 20, 2017.

First: register at the City Museum or through the form below.

Then: track any physical activity that gets you moving. Minutes spent moving will translate into time-travel, with the goal of making it all the way back to 1849. For each 15 minutes of activity, participants travel back in time one year. Make it back to 1849 by September 10, 2017! You can do this by spending just three hours of time on physical activity every week.

The 2017 Turner Junction Challenge theme is The History of Fires. “Turner Burners” will uncover the history of the fires in town as you travel back in time. Additional bonus time can be received by visiting the Museum’s CB&Q Depot during open Saturdays for Burner Challenges. More details to come!

All participants will receive a free water bottle at registration and prizes for reaching milestones in West Chicago history. If you make it back to 1849, you receive a Turner Junction Challenge t-shirt!

Participation is free and open to all. Families are welcomed to sign up as a group or as individuals.

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