User Survey for Alyx Chatbot
Thank you for participating in our survey for improving Alyx Chatbot in finding you the right tech products!

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1. Could you tell us your age?
2. Could you tell us your gender?
3. Could you tell us your occupation?
4. What do you do before buying a computer? (Tick all that applies)
5. What is the primary benefit that you got(could get) from chatting with Alyx Chatbot? If unfortunately that you didn’t get to chat with Alyx chatbot or the conversation didn’t end well, could you please tell what could you potentially gain from getting the free instant computer consultation sessions to help you find the right computer for your exact needs?
6. What do you think is the main drawback in Alyx Chatbot?
7. Compared to what you would do before buying a computer, is Alyx Chatbot a better solution for you when finding the right computer for you?
8. What other product you want Alyx to help you with?
9. What other channels you want Alyx to be in?
10. Please give us more feedbacks on Alyx Chatbot, we really appreciate your input here!
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11. Can we have a further talk with you to find out more about your experiences?
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