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Citizen99 enables free creation and hosting of debates which respect some conditions. Before submitting this form, please check first that your collective or initiative is compatible with these criteria:

- You estimate with good confidence thath the debate will have more than 10 participants (but less than 1000)

- The objective of the process is to produce common good, directly or indirectly (for example, by collectively formulate solutions to a society problem)

- The community resembles more a collective of amateur citizen which runs horizontally than an organization which has legal entities and employees

- The result of the collective intelligence process will be issued publicly. (Example 1: The full debate will be publicly visible to visitors who do not have an account. Example 2: The final synthesis of the debate will be published under a Creative Commons licence)

Please fill the form as precisely as possible. We will shortly get in touch with you by email :)

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This is the e-mail address we will contact you at once we will have created the debate or if we have questions for its creation or its management. This is also the user account which will be administrator of the debate. So please make sure that you already have a user account on Citizen99 with this e-mail address (if you don't have one yet, please create one on ).
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Is this debate creation request a personal initiative from you, or are you mandated by a collective which took this decision? *
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You can copy-paste content from their website, as well as giving links to web pages which give more details
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How many people are employees of this or these collective(s)? (full-time and part-time) *
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If I was one of your closest friends, would you be ready to bet 50$ that in 2 months, at least 10 people will have posted a message in the debate? *
As the creation of a debate and its technical support take time and are done voluntarily by the people who are behind Citizen99, we don't really to do it "for nothing" (test debates which will not be used in the end, etc)
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Decide if it begins with a capital letter or not. Avoid choosing a long title, because it would not display completely (it would then finish by "...")
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The web address should be of the form "". What you choose will replace "debate-title-something" (so it will necessarily begin with It can contain only letters (without accents), numbers, dashes (-) and underscores (_). For example, it the title of your debate is "Solving world hunger", some web addresses which you can choose are "" or "" or ""
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How many people are there in your community (collective or collectives) in total? (not all of them will post a message) *
If you can, please tell us 3 numbers: proactive people (around 1%), reactive people (around 9%), observators (around 90%)
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