2019 Returning Volunteer Application

Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help forward our mission of empowering girls and gender nonconforming youth through music! Camp will be held from July 29th - August 2nd this year, with our finale showcase on Sunday, August 4th. We are excited to be hosting camp in a beautiful new location - the historic Coral Gables Congregational UCC. In addition to sharing their gorgeous and spacious building, CGC UCC’s extensive advocacy work, dedication to equity and inclusion, and ongoing support of the LGBTQ community makes this partnership a perfect fit!

In order to create the magic that is MGRC, we count on the support of reliable, dedicated people like you. The time, skills, and enthusiasm of our volunteer base are absolutely integral to our work. There is a wide range of important volunteer positions to be filled, some requiring musical experience, but many that don’t.

All positions are open to those who understand the struggle of girlhood and femininity (cis, trans, and gender nonconforming folks), and positions that are marked "ALL VOLUNTEERS WELCOME" are also open to men. You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer with MGRC.

Please also keep in mind that most volunteer positions have a minimum time commitment, noted next to each position's description, and that there is a required orientation for all camp week volunteers on Saturday, July 13th.

Volunteer applications for those seeking Band Coach and Counselor positions must be turned in no later than Monday, May 6th. Applications for all other positions are due by Monday, June 3rd.

By completing and submitting the application below, you are indicating that you understand the above requirements and that you may be subject to a complete background check, depending on your volunteer position. MGRC covers the cost of background checks and we will provide you with instructions for completion at a later date. Because our work involves minors, Miami Girls Rock Camp reserves the right to reject volunteer applications at our discretion.

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POSITION: Counselor (5 Day Minimum Commitment)
Must be available M-F of camp week for the full camp day. No musical experience is necessary. Counselors may double as instrument instructors or food team members during camp week. Must be able to pass a Level 2 background check.

Counselors serve as mentors to the campers and must be available throughout the entire day. Different counselors will be assigned to keep track of a particular group of campers, usually grouped by age, and they will need to keep an eye on the campers’ dynamics. They will provide support to campers who may have issues such as low self-esteem, difficulties with other campers, or even issues unrelated to camp. Experience working with children in a school or camp setting is a plus. Counselors are responsible for checking in their assigned group of campers in the mornings and signing them out in the afternoon. They also walk their campers to and from instrument & band practice, check in with them during lunch, and may have to field questions from parents.

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Camper group age preference?
POSITION: Medical Team (3 Day Minimum Commitment)
Must be available M-F of camp week, with some scheduling flexibility. No musical experience required.

Medical team is open to people who are doctors, registered nurses, PAs or CNAs. They keep tabs on all known medical issues, make sure campers who require regular medication take it, and act as the point person for any first aid needs during camp week.

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POSITION: Roadie/Gear Team (Accompanying position)
The Roadie/Gear team only moves gear twice per day, so this position works as a role to accompany other roles taken on at camp such as food team, band coach or instrument instructor. Knowledge of handling musical equipment recommended.

Roadies move and set up equipment when and where necessary at camp each day, including tuning instruments when needed. They help with transport, set up & break down of rooms for instrument & band practice. Must be able to lift 15 lbs.

Interested in Roadie/Gear Team? *
POSITION: Instrument/Vocal Instructor (3 Day Minimum Commitment)
Must be available 2 hours in the mornings during camp week (exact schedule TBD). Musical experience required, band experience a plus. There is no instrument instruction on the Friday schedule, and we encourage folks to be at camp on the first day if possible.

Instructors must have anywhere ranging from basic to advanced knowledge of the instrument they’re teaching and must be prepared to teach students with widely varying levels of experience. Some students will have never touched an instrument, and other will have been playing for several years. Having experience working with kids in a school or camp setting is a plus. Responsible for teaching drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, or vocals. Instructors collaborate with other instructors of the same instrument and work together as a team to help teach campers at various levels. They can also double as counselor or band coach.

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POSITION: Band Coach (5 Day Commitment Preferred)
Afternoon commitment during camp week (exact schedule TBD). Musical experience required, band experience a plus. Must be able to pass a Level 2 background check.

Each band at camp is assigned a band coach. The coach will monitor each band practice and help the band members prepare for their live performance at the finale. The coach will guide the campers in all aspects of working in a band: setting up, tuning, songwriting, stage presence, learning to play as a group and learning to listen to one another. The coach will help campers break down instruments after each band practice and at the finale. They will have support in the rehearsal from the counselor assigned to their band. They should keep counselors and instrument instructors informed if tensions are running high or campers want/need more information on their instruments. Coaches can double as instrument instructors, roadies and food team during camp week.

Interested in Band Coach? *
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Camper group age preference?
POSITION: Runner (3 Day Minimum Commitment)
Musical experience is not required and this position works as a role to accompany other roles taken on at camp such as food team, band coach, roadie or instrument instructor. Runners must have a vehicle available for use during camp hours, as well as a cell phone. Scheduling is flexible.

Runners are called upon for the various tasks essential to the success of camp. They might be sent to Kinko’s, the supermarket or the hardware store, to fill in for a volunteer who can’t make a shift, or help with other tasks that may arise.

Interested in Runner? *
POSITION: Food Team (3 Day Minimum Commitment)
Full or part-time during camp week. Flexible scheduling. Can also work as counselor, roadie, band coach or runner. Musical experience not required.

Members of the food team will be in charge of obtaining food donations, picking them up, preparing meals and snacks, organizing serving, and cleaning up for volunteer breakfast and lunch (kitchen and cafeteria). Parents will be asked to send a lunch with their child, but we will provide snacks and also make sure all campers eat lunch.

Interested in Food Team? *
POSITION: Showcase Team
Available for flyering as well as on Sunday for the showcase. Musical experience not required. ALL VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.

These volunteers will help the directors operate the end-of-camp showcase. Positions will need to be filled for putting up posters at the venue and around town, merch, handling the door, and finale setup and breakdown.

Interested in Showcase Team? *
POSITION: Fundraising Team
This is a year-round position for anyone interested in helping fundraise for MGRC. Must be available by phone or email and to attend organizers meetings. No musical experience necessary, grant writing experience a plus! ALL VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.

We need creative ways to raise money for MGRC. We need to apply for grants, collect donations, organize benefits, and collect raffle prizes. Fundraising volunteers will need to stay informed and organized about grant application deadlines and make sure applications are submitted on time. Fundraising knowledge and experience is necessary.

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Do you have fundraising experience?
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POSITION: Film/Photography
Year-round position with varying needs throughout each year. Must be available via phone or email. No musical experience necessary. ALL VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.

MGRC needs photographers and videographers with equipment to document events throughout the year leading up to camp, as well as during camp week and the finale show. We will need camp week footage edited during the week to create a promo for the Grand Finale Showcase. We will also need promo materials cut and maintenance of our photo/video archive.

Interested in Film/Photography? *
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POSITION: Street Team
Year-round position with varying needs throughout each year. Must be available via phone or email. No musical experience necessary. ALL VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.

MGRC needs volunteers who are willing and able to be called upon to help with anything from writing thank-you cards, flyering for events, running merch/info tables at events and more!

Do you have any technical abilities or special talents and skills beyond music that you can bring to MGRC? Are there subjects or activities outside of those listed that you would be interested in bringing to camp?
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