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A conference for Viras, by Viras.

The VIH Program is sponsoring its first-ever Global Leadership Conference! The conference will take place between Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27, in a virtual format. All of the sessions will be designed and run by Viras! This conference will provide our community with a new forum to share ideas, raise awareness about the excellent work that Viras do, and deepen relationships between and across cohorts.Any questions can be directed to Sarah Wagner at We are looking forward to reconnecting with all of you virtually at our Global Leadership Conference!

Our Confirmed Presenters are:

Carina Stopenski (Chatham, 2017), Brooke Mead (Temple, 2017), Nicki Kellogg (Pitt Bradford, 2013) : "Gender Identity At Home and Abroad: A Crash Course in “Doing” Gender"

Dominique DeSilva (Temple, 2012) : "Sharing Circle"

Christine Delphine Hedden (Carnegie Mellon, 2011) : "Finding Your Compass: Creating Culturally Aware Art"

Immigration: Media, Identities & the Shaping of a Nation Panel Featuring Madison Bredice (UPG, 2017) and Bisi Oyelola (Temple, 2018)

Marketing, Communication, and Professional Development Panel Featuring Tiffany Tupper (Chatham, 2009), Sarah B Levine (Temple, 2017) and Crystal Durachko (Thiel, 2017)

Brianna Billingsley (Washington & Jefferson, 2019), Amanda Fitzpatrick (Washington & Jefferson, 2019) : "The Consistencies & Inconsistencies Within the Gender Gap in STEM"

Laura Gooding (Pitt Oakland, 2018) : "Responsible Consumerism: Why Knowing the Supply Chain Matters"

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Engineering Panel Featuring Mary Hassan (Pitt Oakland, 2014), Nadine Humphrey (Pitt Oakland, 2018), and GodisPerfect Eadric (Arcadia, 2019)

Maranda Kotchman (Waynesburg, 2016), Caley Glisan (Waynesburg, 2014), Katie Flanigan (Waynesburg, 2013) : "Level Up: Overcoming Barriers to Student Success"

Trina Van (Temple, 2016), Vanessa LaBryer (Pitt Oakland, 2020) : "How They Got Away with Murder: The Impact of Racism on Healthcare"

Lydia Brewer (Temple, 2019) : "Leadership During Crisis: International Reactions to the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Place & Space: Representation & Engagement Panel Featuring Kelly Wall (Duquesne, 2018) and Sarah Greenwald (UPJ, 2011)

Laurel Murray (Robert Morris, 2017), Tahmina Ahmed (Chatham, 2015) : "FAKE NEWS: How technology is using us and how to fight back"

Closer to the date of the conference you will receive a session registration form where you will identify which specific sessions you will attend.
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