Skullface Astronaut Questionnaire
(Please note I am in Western Oregon, so pretty much anyone outside of Oregon and Washington will not be a good option for casting unless they are willing to travel out here themselves)
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Best way of contacting you *
email is preferred, but list all that you want
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Hair color
Do you own any realistic wigs? If so, what color are they?
Would you be willing to be splattered with fake blood (corn syrup + food coloring)?
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Would you be willing to have foam latex or other prosthetic make-up attached to you?
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Do you have any allergies to latex, make-up or other chemicals? If so, please list.
Do you have any food allergies? If so, please list.
How old are you?
Do you think you are a pretty good screamer?
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What town are you located in?
Do you have a vehicle that you could travel to shooting locations with?
Would you be willing to appear topless in a non-sexual scene, like a shower or changing scene?
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Would you be willing to appear topless in an r-rated, simulated sexual scene?
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Do you have any favorite horror movies?
Do you have any acting experience? If so, what was it?
Please note: acting experience is not necessarily a requirement to be involved in one of my flicks. I often work with folks who have no formal training or experience.
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