Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #13
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Melior est justicia vere ______ quam severe puniens.”
Hint: Justice is better when it prevents rather than punishes with severity.
1 point
“Magis de bono quam de malo lex ______.”
Hint: The law is in favour rather of a good than of a bad construction (or intention).
1 point
“Melius est petere fontes quam sectari ______.”
Hint: It is better to go to the fountain head than to follow rivulets.
1 point
“Mutatis ______.”
Hint: Making such changes or alterations as the sense requires.
1 point
“Mobilia ______ personam.”
Hint: Movables follow the person.
1 point
“Malus usus est ______.”
Hint: An evil custom ought to be abolislied.
1 point
“Multi ______, nemo omnia novit.”
Hint: Many have known many things ; no one has known everything.
1 point
“Modus et ______ vincunt legem.”
Hint: Custom and agreement overrule the law.
1 point
“Minatur ______ qui parcit nocentibus.”
Hint: He who spares the guilty threatens the innocent.
1 point
“Mors dicitur ultimum ______.”
Hint: Death is said to be the extreme penalty.
1 point
“Mala ______ non vitiat chartam.”
Hint: Bad grammar does not vitiate a deed or document.
1 point
“Minimi mutanda sunt quae eertam habet ______.”
Hint: Such things as have a clear interpretation ought to be changed but little.
1 point
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