Agency&Hosts Events Sign up (29th April -5th May)
Please avoid no shows and duplicate signups, checkout the online sheet for rewards and details.
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Punishment Rules
1.No-show, late cancellation or escaping before the end of the PK will be punished.
2.Using multiple fake accounts, or virtual avatars to cover the face (5 times or above weekly) or not showing the face will be punished. Using virtual avatars to cover the face (3-4 times weekly) will receive only 50% rewards.
3.Modifying slots from other agencies/families without permission will be punished if reported.
4.During the punishment period, the host will not receive any rewards for 7 days even if he/she signs up and attends the event.
5.Cancelling / Removing the host's ID before the pk time by 2 hrs will be considered and punished as a late cancellation ( due to the short notice).
6.Make sure to update the IDs of your slots for each week before Sunday 11:59:59 PM because if we just enter Monday, the slot considered as free slot.
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Newbie PK
Only newly signed hosts during the first 2 months can join. Reaudition is not included.Hosts who do not meet the registration requirements will not be rewarded even if they join.
Talent PK
Star Task PK
Level UP Challenge PK
Hosts whose salary level is below S in the previous month can join.
If the hosts successfully level up to S in current month, rewards will be sent after 5th of next month. 
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