Clark-Shawnee Preschool Survey Spring 2017
This survey is to provide feedback from parents on how to improve our preschool program.
The preschool screening process was run efficiently. *
Are there any suggestions or changes you would like to see in the preschool screening process?
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The Preschool Orientation/Curriculum Day (August 17th) was informative and insightful. *
Are there any suggestions or changes you would like to see in the Preschool Curriculum Day?
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I am satisfied with the amount of communication between the school team and myself. *
The preschool team is supportive to parents and children.
What are your preferred forms of communication with your child's teacher? (Check all that apply) *
I am aware of, and previously accessed the Clark-Shawnee District "Preschool Webpage" on the Clark-Shawnee Local School District Website *
If I have a question regarding my child or the preschool program, I can go to a team member and get it answered in a timely manner. *
In what areas of development have you seen the most growth in your child? Check all that apply *
What areas of student improvement are most important to you? (Check all boxes that apply) *
Do you feel that our mission statement, ( The Clark-Shawnee Preschool Program exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool age children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early education experience which promotes each child's social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children's desire to be life-long learners.) accurately represents our preschool program. *
What suggestions do you have to strengthen our preschool program?
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