Music Ensembles at St Scholastica's College Registration form 2017

*This form allows students to register interest in joining music ensemble/s (groups) offered at the College. For information regarding to Private Music Tuitions at the College, please go to

*Please register before 9th January, 2017

*There are 9 music ensembles that cater for students at all musical levels. Ensembles are directed by professional peripatetic music teachers. The details for each group outlined below.

*Students are required to attend all weekly rehearsals.

*Morning rehearsals are 1 hour and start at 7.45 am. Lunch time rehearsals are 40 minutes and start at 1.05 pm.

*Auditions take place in week 3 / week 4 of Term 1, 2017 or by request.

*Students will be informed rehearsal time by the Music Department during week 3 & 4, either via Email and Daily Notices.

*The College have some instruments available for hire for students participating the ensemble program at a cost of $ 150 per year, however, the priority will be given to students taking private music tuition.

    A Capella Group

    For Senior students and students who take private singing tuition. Auditions required. Rehearsals : Friday Lunch in J19

    Stravinsky Strings

    For students learning violin/viola/cello/double bass, 2nd grade to advance. Auditions required. Rehearsals: Tuesday 7.45 am in J19 IMPORTANT IN FORMATION: Students joining Stravinsky Strings will be required to attend rehearsals from the beginning of Term 1 for performances at the St Scholastica’s Mass, in Week 2.

    Ukulele Ensemble

    Student- initiated ensemble, for all students interested in playing Ukulele. Rehearsals: Tuesday Lunch in S1

    College Orchestra

    For students play an orchestral instrument, 2nd grade to advanced. Auditions required. Rehearsals: Wednesday 7.45 am in J19

    Rock Band

    For students who are interested in forming their own rock band. Open to all vocalists, guitarists, pianists, drummers. Rehearsals: Wednesday Lunch in J19

    Concert Band

    For all instrumental students. Beginner to advanced Rehearsals: Thursday 7.45 am in J19

    Strapping Strings

    For all beginner string players, beginners to advanced Rehearsals: Friday 7.45am in J19

    College Choir

    For all students enjoying singing. Students taking voice or piano tuition at the College. Rehearsals: Friday 7.45am in S1 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Students joining College Choir will be required to attend rehearsals from the beginning of Term 1 for performances at the St Scholastica’s Mass, in Week 2.

    Chamber Ensemble

    For strings, woodwind, brass and piano players. Intermediate to advanced. For all students enjoying playing classical music in a small ensemble context. Rehearsals: TBC


    Please read the following information regarding to ensemble placement and rehearsals carefully before proceeding registration.

    Auditions ( to help with the placement of ensembles )

    • Students joining Choir do not need to audition. They should come to the weekly rehearsal from the first week of Term 1. • All students joining an instrumental ensemble for the first time, and who have learnt their instrument for a year or more, are required to audition. • Auditions are used to place students in an ensemble appropriate to their level and musical interests. • Auditions take place in week 3 or week 4 of Term 1, 2016 or by request. • If you have just started learning your instrument you will not be required to audition.

    Ensemble requirements

    •Students in an instrumental ensemble are required to have lessons on their instrument, either within or outside the school. •Students learning an instrument at the College are required to participate in one or more College's music ensembles. Failure to do so will result in lessons being forfeited. •Students learning an instrument outside of the college are encouraged and invited to join one or more college ensembles. •Students in an Elective Music (Yr 9/10) class are required to be part of an ensemble. This contributes to their final assessment mark. •Ensembles rehearse every week to develop musical skills and to prepare for performances/concerts. As part of being in an ensemble, students are required to attend concert performances and school functions where the ensembles perform.

    Ensemble attendance

    •Students are required to attend all rehearsals. •If your daughter/ward is unable to attend a rehearsal due to illness, please email Ms Miao on •If your daughter/ward is unable to attend a rehearsal due to an early morning excursion, or other extra College commitment, please email Ms Miao then inform the ensemble director. •Please, if possible, schedule doctors/dentist appointments at other times of the week as each rehearsal is important for the ensembles’ development. •Please encourage your daughter/ward to have school assignments completed BEFORE ensemble rehearsals. It is not acceptable for students to miss rehearsals in order to complete school assignments at the last minute.

    Ensemble practice

    • Students are expected to practice their ensemble parts. • Individual practice enables the ensemble ‘team’ to grow and progress. • Practice parts are available outside the staff study, or from the ensemble director

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