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I'm trying to understand WOY, its fandom and the determination to SaveWOY better. If I have a better understanding of these things then it will help with the petition delivery and other future SaveWOY projects. This survey is anonymous.
Information is key, after all!
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Do you watch any other Disney XD shows besides WOY? *
Why do you want to SaveWOY? *
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What kind of things would you like to see in a third season?
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Have you signed any of the SaveWOY petitions? *
Have you mailed any SaveWOY letters to Disney? *
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Have you gotten involved in any SaveWOY fan projects? *
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What year did you discover WOY? *
What was the first episode that you watched? *
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What is your current favorite episode of WOY?
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and your least favorite episode? (If you have one)
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Who is your favorite main character? *
Has WOY had a positive impact on your life in any way? *
If the above answer was yes, could you tell us how?
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Do you get involved with the WOY fandom? Such as on FB groups, on Tumblr or DA *
Would you buy WOY merch if Disney made some? *
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Thank you. This information is sure to be very useful.
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