Church Becoming Survey for Lord of the Hills
First, the question at hand is not about “reopening the church.” Although our buildings have been closed during this pandemic, the church itself is not a building. The church is the called people of God, marked by the cross of Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit for our life and witness in the world. The church of Jesus has never been closed; it has taken new shape and form during this pandemic. More than ever, in ways we could never have anticipated, we have been experiencing what it means to be church becoming. The pandemic is not an interruption in our life as the Body of Christ, after which we will return to “normal.” Rather, in the hands of our God who brings life from death, this pandemic—with all of its pain, suffering, disorientation, and frustration—is serving as a means by which we are being reshaped for our ministry and witness. We will never be the same; we will not return to what we once knew. We are Christ’s Church Becoming, becoming what the Spirit needs us to be for the life of the world. Thank you, Bishop Jim Gonia, for these words and guidance.

In that light, your responses will not guide us back to something that once was. Instead, your responses—taken together—invite us to embrace our becoming and invest in the Spirit’s continuing work as we love, serve and grow as Lord of the Hills Lutheran Church.

Thank you for your participation in Church Becoming at Lord of the Hills.
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