Animal Mama Foster Family Network
Animal Mama's Vet Clinic and Pet Wellness center is creating a sustainable model for improving animal welfare across Cambodia. As a for-profit business, we raise money to fund medical care, vaccines, and re-homing of stray animals, but we can't do it alone! We need your help with fostering animals rescued from the streets. Rescues desperately need a home environment to become adoptable-forever pets. Having the community help with fostering our rescues also frees up resources for medical care for new rescues, and providing very low cost care to pet parents with limited means. If you're interested in becoming a member of our community, apply to join Animal Mama's Foster Family Network! This questionnaire is to help us understand your interest and experience. Please feel free to share any other information about yourself or ideas for our programs on the last page of the form. We will get in touch with you!
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