Schools of Our Future 2.0
Welcome to the conversation! For this strategic planning effort, online input will be sincerely welcomed along with public comments gathered at community meetings throughout the RSU 13 communities. Your participation and contributions are valued and important in helping the school district chart its course to the future. Please respond to the following questions, enter your comments and suggestions to the questions provided, and if you would like to receive a copy of the summary report that follows our community conversations, please provide us with a mailing or email address where we can reach you. Thank you for your participation.
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What is beyond school for our kids and are there pathways we should be building to help our students engage, learn in different ways, and become what they hope to become? *
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What can schools do to support the social and emotional growth of students, and why is it important? *
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What do you believe will be our greatest opportunities as a district community in the coming 3-5 years, and how might the community as a whole become more engaged in supporting students’ learning? *
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