Arizona Legislature 2021 Session End Date Survey (Public)
Last week, Senate leadership notified members that they planned on ending the session in two weeks (called Sine Die). The moment the session ends without the Election Audit completed, we are at risk of increased shenanigans to shut down or delay the audit without the protection of the Senate in session. 

The Senate must remain in session to enforce existing and potential subpoenas and pass new election integrity legislation.

Since Arizona is currently under a state of emergency, full power returns to Governor Ducey as the Executive Branch once the session ends.


1) WATCH THE VIDEO. The short video below explaining Sine Die is also posted on our home page at with a brief survey to let your legislators know when you want them to Sine Die. Watch the video to learn more about Sine Die.

2) TAKE THE SURVEY. Please complete the Sine Die survey as soon as possible. Your response is urgently needed!

We will be sending a similar survey to the Legislators. We will publish the answers from the public versus the public servants' surveys for comparison.


3) SHARE! We would greatly appreciate it if you blast this survey out to your family and friends. The direct link to the survey is at

We need at least 1,000 responses for it to effectively let our legislative leadership know the public's stand on an early versus delayed Sine Die end of session vote. 

REMEMBER! You're the boss of your government, but only if you let your voice be heard! makes it easy!
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What is Sine Die and Why Does it Matter?
1) Do you support the Arizona Senate Audit of the 2020 Election? *
2) When do you want the Arizona Legislature to close the 2021 legislative session? The close of the session is called Sine Die. *
3) How strongly do you feel about your answer to question 2 on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the strongest? *
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