Senior - February 2021
D&E Math Placement Test - Assignment due February 28
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Are you planning to participate in the Bridge Program (if earned)? It runs June 13 - July 9 and students cannot miss days of classes. *
D&E Math Placement Test - Please Read All Instructions
If you are not planning to attend Bridge or D&E, we would still like you to complete this month's tutoring as a practice placement exam.

**This test will determine what math class you can take during Bridge or at D&E in the fall (if attending). If you are not participating in Bridge or attending D&E in the fall, complete this test as a practice college math placement test. You do not need to attach test results to this form. UB will obtain results from D&E at the end of the month.

**We recommend taking this test on a computer (not a mobile device). If graphs or pictures do not show on your test, do not continue or submit test. Contact a UB staff member and we will help resolve any issues.

**You will need to get your D&E email and password (login info) from UB staff before taking this test.

You have been scheduled to take the Davis & Elkins College online “Assessment for Math Course Placement”. It is multiple-choice and covers topics from Arithmetic and Algebra.

The purpose of this assessment is to place you in the correct freshman math course- one that your math background has prepared you to succeed in, yet will be challenging to you. There are no passing or failing grades for this assessment.

The assessment has 42 questions to be completed in 90 minutes and may only be taken once. If you do not know the material, do not guess- skip the question. There is no penalty for incorrect answers or skipping questions. You may use a calculator.

DO NOT USE BACK BUTTON OF YOUR BROWSER as it will immediately submit your answers for grading.

1. Log on to with your username and password.

2. Click on Tab “de_MATH 000 F21" (near the top)

3. Click on “Tests & Quizzes” (left column)

4. Click on “Practice Test”
Take the practice test as many times as you wish until you feel you are ready to take the assessment. The “Math Placement” assessment may only be taken once.

5. Click on “Math Placement” once you feel you are comfortable with the buttons.
The time begins when you click the “Begin Assessment” button.

“Mark for Review” if you wish to come back to this question later.
“Save and Continue” if this is your answer to the question and you wish to move on to the next question.
“Save for Later” DO NOT USE THIS BUTTON as you cannot return to the test at a later time.
“Previous” will take you back one question
“Table of Contents” is a link at the top of the page. On this page, click on the small black triangle labeled “part 1” to maximize the list of questions. A red triangle marks questions that have not been answered. A question mark appears on the ones that have been marked for review. Click on any question in the list to go directly to that question.
“Submit For Grading” will exit you from the assessment. It appears on the page with the last question and on the “Table of Contents”. Click on this button when you are completely finished with the assessment.

Did you complete and submit your math placement test? (You will receive an email confirmation after you submit the test.) *
Did you have any issues while trying to complete the test? If so, please explain.
UB Winter Evaluation
If you attended the December Challenge Session, what are your thoughts on the financial literacy ("Being Broke Ain't Sexy") presentation?
If you attended the January Challenge Session, how was it helpful to you? The presentations were author Jon Corcoran and then a magic show.
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