How to Improve Uncharted Territories in 2023
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Automation: What impact will it have on jobs and inequality? How can we fight it?
Generative AI: What will be its role be in shaping humankind? How can we take advantage of it?
Transportation tech: How will they determine the future of our jobs, our cities, and the world?
Violence tech: How has violence tech like weapons and fortifications influenced our past, and how is will new violence techs influence the future?
Energy: What is happening in energy today, and what can the past tell us about its influence on the future?
How will all these tech influence our culture and politics, and what will replace our nation-states?
The future of education
The future of healthcare
The future of real estate, and why you shouldn’t invest in it anymore.
GeoHistory: Southeast Asia, China, Latin America, the Netherlands, Iran, Mexico, Turkey...
Why we should keep growing our population and our economy.
Improve how to think
Aging: Can we slow it down, and should we?
Morality: the geohistory of morality, game theory of sex, how to design a religion, rituals of the 21st century, etc.
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