PhotoClub Coverage Form - Clients
If you have an opportunity need a photographer, please fill in the following form!
We will then add your opportunity to our website at: as well as promote it on social media and at our weekly tutorials.

This form is not for photographers: If you are a photographer wanting to cover a volunteer opportunity, please contact us at about any of the opportunities listed on our website:

Please note this Coverage program is for UNSW societies/organisations only. We have a jobs form at: which is for paid events, where larger numbers of photographs are required and generally higher quality is attained.
Coverage Details
Name of Organisation *
Shoot location *
Where is the event being held?
Time of Event *
Length of Event
Description of Event *
A brief description of the event
Expected Numbers *
Just to give our photographers an idea of how many people they'll be shooting. Ballparks are fine (e.g. 10-15, 50-100).
The coverage program is a voluntary service, but it's always nice to let a photographer know they're appreciated! May include things like: free access to the event, or just a few slices of pizza.
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